More softies

Yes its been ridiculously hot in Sydney lately, and my sewing room has literally become a sweatshop while I have been sewing softies.  Today these little guys headed off to their interim home at Shorties in Newtown. They are super cute aren’t they! Rachel Advertisements

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Decisions, 2010, and The Two Windmills

As many of you know I haven’t been producing soft toys for a few months now.  It just got way too hard with our previous living arrangements, the move and the renovations.  After a fairly long break though I am keen to get back into it.  I’ve missed creating toys, interacting with my retailers, writing patterns, and… Continue reading Decisions, 2010, and The Two Windmills

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My White Whale

Yes I’m still obsessed with whales.  Here are some more drafts, arranged in order of most recent. I’m pretty happy with the first one, though perhaps he needs something more.  What do you think? Rachel By the way this is my 99th post.  The next one will be a giveaway!