About me

My name is Rachel and I live in Sydney,  Australia with my husband Dan and our three wild things.  I am a social worker by trade, and currently a fulltime carer for our children.   I enjoy reading, sewing, and watching trashy TV.  My favourite film is Amelie…… of course.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings.


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Rachel

    I read one of your old blogs about using eco stuffing for making softies. You mentioned an eco substitute to polyfil and the manufactiurer were from Victoria??? is that right? I was wondering if you could pass on any eco substitutes info and where I can get my hands on it here in Sydney, ( Aus), please? I love what you have made and your blog….

    Thanks you for your time reading this.

    Kind regards


    PS we have a school fete on soon and some of us ladies would love to make softies to sell….
    Many thanks

  2. You should have patterns available in your Etsy store! I love the owls, the hippo, the lion. And you should offer to make patterns for people, those of us who can sketch a little, but can’t think in 3-D to make patterns for ourselves!

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