Self drafted top- success or failure

I made this simple top on the weekend. I am going to call it self drafted, but really I cut a t-shirt style and altered the neckline till it fit, to match an old Country Road t shirt I own. The fabric was a Lisa Ho drapey (but not particularly stretchy) knit from The Fabric Store. It is a lovely colour blue, but was a pain to sew. In the end I used heat and bond lite to tame the neckline finish and hem, which worked beautifully.

I wore it with jeans out for dinner, and have since washed it. Unfortunately, despite being prewashed, and hung lengthways on the line to dry, it has shrunk lengthways and is now somewhat midriff length. Oh well, on to better things, like my autumn winter sewing plans.


8 thoughts on “Self drafted top- success or failure

  1. It’s a nice top, I’m sure you could think of a way to salvage it! I don’t know if you wear high waisted skirts or not, but if you do, that top would look good with one 🙂

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