This is the first finished item of my sewing plan. I purchased the pattern after seeing Christy’s lovely version, and was even more inspired to make it when Leith blogged hers. The fabric is from Tessuti called Whitewater Rapids purchased at the last Sydney Sewers Social.

I cut a 16 and took a centimeter off the side seams, I will do the same next time because I needed the extra depth in the bust. I also cut 10cm off the bottom hem, though it’s not as short as it looks in the pic, I think I am leaning backwards.  I also omitted the pockets as I don’t use them.

The dress looks fantastic, both the pattern and the print are very me. I plan to make another, in some black printed ponti also from Tessuti.  Funny thing I’d seen this pattern before and thought of purchasing it, but thinking it was a wrap dress I avoided it for fear of wardrobe malfunctions, so I guess the moral of the story is don’t judge a pattern by its cover!



Ps. I should apologise for the headless shot, these were taken as my husband was on his way out and I had no makeup on and wet hair, I find getting pictures done such a challenge.

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