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On boobs (or the top that fitted yesterday)

I had a bit of a sewing blitz on the weekend, it was lovely. I always feel so relaxed after some time at the machine. I made a couple of tops and have another nearly completed pair of pants.

The two tops were Grainline’s tiny pocket tank without the pocket. I made a 10 with a bit extra on the side. Because I am extra lazy I used purchased bias to finish the neckline and underarms. The fabric is a lovely cotton voile that I purchased at the fabric store a year or so ago, and attempted a dress out of, then salvaged.


On Saturday I felt it fit quite well. That said though, on Monday morning when I put it on for work it was way too snug, and by the end of the day I couldn’t wait to take it off because of the cutting in under my arms. I don’t think these changes were bra related, I think I must be retaining fluid, or simply having a fat day.

Overall it’s a great pattern and a quick cute top. On the version I have, the bust darts are in a line regardless of size, and are a touch high. When I make this again I will need to do a fba, or merely move the dart down, and do something about the armholes.

So I will have to save these tops for my next ‘skinny day’ or lose weight, or both. Hmmm


3 thoughts on “On boobs (or the top that fitted yesterday)

  1. Pretty! But annoying to have it fit and then not fit. have some of that print in a cotton voile from The Fabric Store too – it’s hopefully going to be a Cambie dress.

  2. I found the same things with that pattern…. dart too high and too tight across the bust. I loved the fabric that I made it with, but haven’t bothered to tie off the threads yet, because I think I should lose weight to be able to wear it comfortably.

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