Husbands…. The hidden victims of home sewing

I haven’t blogged for a while, but I have definitely been sewing. These are my new denim pants made from the Colette juniper pants pattern. I took a chance and made them without a muslin and they fit… Yay. The denim is a mid weight denim from Lincraft.

Rest assured the front crotch wrinkles are from sitting down to have breakfast in these pants, the denim seems to crease quite easily.

The only changes I made was to take a little fullness out of the legs from the thigh down. When I make them again I will add a smidgen to the waistband.

I highly recommend this pattern, I got lots of comments wearing these at work yesterday.

The title of this post “husbands are the hidden victims of sewing” was what my husband said to me on Sunday when I got him to pin the hem up. Does your partner hate getting roped into these sewing tasks as much as mine?

These are not the only pants I have made lately. A month or so ago I made the Sewaholic Thurlow pants, I also love this pattern, and though I muslined them, they were pretty good straight from the pattern. Hopefully I’ll have pictures for you soon. I’m also working on a pants muslin for some “fitted Clover” style pants with Steph, which is going very well.


16 thoughts on “Husbands…. The hidden victims of home sewing

  1. Did you see Poppykettle’s post about using the laser light level tool? I’m going to borrow one of those and get him to pin my hems. At least it’s a ‘boys tool’!

  2. Thanks for the link! 🙂

    These look AMAZING on you. Seriously! I’m shocked the Clovers didn’t fit well right out of the envelope, now I want to go compare clovers and juniper crotch curves… But wow they look great! (And I feel like I recognize that wash.. is it a sort of lightweight stretchy but kind of firm denim? I got mine from Lincraft, too, and it does seem to be a bit prone to wrinkles…)

    My husband seems to enjoy helping me with the sewing…

    Hems. My grandfather is a very old man now (but still very sharp and vigorous), but back in the day he was this super manly, WW2 pilot action hero badass. He came back from the war and became a veterinarian to large animals, and started his family- three of his little children were dainty girly girls. He also kept himself busy in the woodshop behind the house. He’s the one who taught me to measure twice, cut once.

    Anyway, my very manly grandfather considered my grandmother’s and aunties’ hems a point of personal pride. He leveled off all their hems, carefully pinning and marking and adjusting. It was *his* job. I told my husband about Pop’s hemming pride and he seems to have taken it up as his duty. 😉

    And I let husby cop feels during hemming/fitting, too.. Totally flirt with him… So he doesn’t seem to mind helping me out… 😉

  3. They look great! Such a nice classic pair of pants. I’ve been waiting for this pattern to turn up in the post for the last couple of weeks, I’m itching to make them up!

  4. Great trousers! I have been trying to decide whether to buy the Thurow or Juniper pattern, as you have made both, just wondering which you prefer?

  5. It was so good to meet you last Saturday and had to call in and say amazing trousers and no adjustments, not fair 🙂 My DH gets roped in all the time especially leveling hems.

  6. How did you make the adjustments? I’m planning on sewing Juniper but I’m afraid is too wide for me (i’m petite). Yours look GREAT!

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