Melbourne fabric haul

Now I know you’re wondering “what did Rachel buy on her fabric shopping weekend?”…

Apart from the obvious answer, which is far too much, I think its a pretty good assortment of fabric to tide me over for a while.

First off from Tessuti; some melony pink linen and a matching lining for a jacket. Double faced linen, some grey linen with white pin dots for a skirt, and a flame print jersey, that I got at a remnant price.

From the fabric store; a lovely citron colored cotton voile, and a black cotton voile with a burnout effect.

From Rathdowne fabrics; some wool coating for next years New York Cape, some dark Bettina Liano denim, wool blend suiting for pants, and pink silk for a blouse.

Lastly I made a order from this etsy seller recently, and it arrived on Friday before I wen to Melbourne so I am counting it too. Since the Renfrew craze I am loving sewing stretch and to some lovely pieces.

The rest of the weekend was just as fabulous, as Saturday. Saturday night ended with a few wines and dinner, and on Sunday before flying home we went clothes shopping, Christy bought her charcoal jeans, and I got two pairs of lovely Steve Madden flats for $60!!! And a cute bright scarf, and belt.

Anyhow now I must get into sewing all these lovely fabrics into a spring wardrobe!


6 thoughts on “Melbourne fabric haul

  1. WOW, that’s a lotta fabric, good thing I was safely tucked away in Port Macquarie! I love that spotted linen!
    I’ve just discovered stretch, it’s so much fun and much much easier to set in sleeves! Although I think my true loves are cotton, linen & denim…

  2. It was SO much fun and WOW what a fabric haul! I am very jealous of that flame printed jersey from Tessuti though – you’re luck that I didn’t battle you for that one over the remnant table. Things could have got ugly if I’d realised it was there! It will be great to see them turn into garments.

  3. Fantastic! I have already made my flame dress but it is hanging for a few days before I hem it. The fabric is really lightweight so be careful what you choose. Love the geometric print!

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