A Meringue skirt and Renfrews

This is my winter interpretation of The Colette Sewing book’s Meringue Skirt.  I left the scalloped edge off because the fabric didn’t really need it..  Its great when worn to work with a Renfrew top.  Pictured is one I made out of a slinky poly knit from Spotlight.  I quite like the blousey look of this one.  Every time I wear this skirt I get compliments on it, and colleagues have been requesting I make them one… fortunately I now only sew for my own selfish reasons and have declined all requests.



Seriously I am obsessed with making Renfrews.  I have made quite a few but I must admit that it took a while to get the sizing right especially when combined with different stretchiness of knits.  For me its an 8 in a super slinky knit and a 10 is its more stable, the 10 needs to be taken in a little at the sides below the bust.  So far I have made two successful black ones with a round neck.  A red one that was technically perfect but much too tight, and one attempt on a great navy wool purchased from Rathdowne fabrics on our trip to Melbourne, unfortunately I hadn’t realised that I should use a walking foot for knits and the neck stretched completely out :(.   Anyhow practice makes perfect!



5 thoughts on “A Meringue skirt and Renfrews

  1. I love this outfit. Is the skirt in an AMH quilting cotton? The problems you described with your Renfrews is what puts me off making clothes. That would drive me to tears and I don’t think I would have the motivation to try again and again.

  2. Love the skirt! The top looks great, too. It must be nice to have a pattern working so well for you. Especially since it is both a basic and versatile 🙂

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