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My new partner in crime

Look what arrived yesterday…

My new friend named Dolly (partly named in honour Dolly’s current Australian tour). I adjusted the chest for a 36 bust then padded out the bust, as I found when the bust was adjust to 38 the upper and lower ribcage area were too big.

Here she is wearing my Rooibos dress, showing that she is pretty much spot on with my figure.


Other than that there is no sewing happening here. My sewing machine is at the repairer, hopefully it will be back next week because I have big plans for my Colette Peony dress, especially after seeing Lladybird’s lovely version.



6 thoughts on “My new partner in crime

  1. The dress looks lovely!
    I stumbled here from flickr. Congrats on your manequin. I have 3 but they are all very very old, dont do what yours will, are more decorative then anything. I notice you have kitchenaid and you mentioned you bought yours in the US. How did you convert them? I Have one from the states too and thought i would have to have a new motor put in it….hmmm
    Was wondering what you did?
    The red against the duck egg blue will be heavenly…
    Have a great day

    1. Hi Debra,

      Thanks for your comment. We bought our kitchenaid from a place that sells them pre-wired for Australia called 220 electronics, they also sent them with adapters. Not sure what you’d have to do with yours.

      The mannequin seems to be working very nicely.

      Have a great day Rachel

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Well. Welcome back Ms Rachel. I have been checking EVERY SINGLE DAY when I get to work and NOTHING!!!!! So it’s nice to read about you again 🙂 Your dress is lovely 🙂

    Love Celia

    1. You need to hook this blog into a feed reader. If you gmail go to the top, click more and click on reader. Then where it says subscribe just paste the URL of this blog. Reader will do the checking for you and you’ll be able to read all your fav. blogs as soon as their posts go up..

  3. Nice! I bought one too recently, will have to wait through till the end of the next week for it to arrive though. Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t suck. Its a petite Diana (like the only adjustable petite one you can get in Australia).

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