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At the moment I feel like I am behind in everything.  My softie progress has slowed significantly, housework has been neglected, and I have been behind with my blogging.  What have I been spending my time on?  I couldn’t say really, the days fly by at present.

Anyhow the other day I received a copy of Homespun in the mail, and would you look at who’s inside….

You can find Moby the Whale in the current “Go Green” issue of Australian Homespun.  It has loads of other fantastic patterns inside including a very cute apple lunch tote by Meredith Harmer.

If you do make Moby the Whale I’d love to see a picture!



4 thoughts on “Homespun

  1. I found the whale pattern in Homespun and thought it was just right for the collection of toys and dolls I am making to go to Japan. Super easy to make though the tail seems to eat the stuffing 🙂

    I changed the stuffing to the bottom which seems to work a lot better/

    They first 5 looked so cute and everyone liked them so much I am in the process of making another 5. Will send a pic when one is available.

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