Oh the glamour

Well just to prove that I have actually been sewing lately I thought I’d post some pics of my recent makes.

First up patternless pajama pants

I traced these off a pair of store bought pants that I have had for a few years.  I’d love to claim some design reason for the contrast cuff, but the real reason is that I only had 1.5 metres of flannelette.  The flannelette was from Spotty last year and the contrast fabric was in my scrap bag from Hawthorne Threads at Sew It Together, I’m not sure what designer it is but it seemed to match well enough.  I know some people like pictures of  ironed clothing, but for pajamas this just isn’t going to happen at my house.  They already been worn and washed a few times, and are the perfect roomy but not too baggy fit for pajama pants.  I’ll be making these again in my Anna Maria Horner

Then we have my first pair of homemade tracksuit pants.  You are either for or against them.  At home I live in yoga style pants (the tracksuit’s slightly less daggy cousin), but mostly mine are all light fabric and not warm enough.  These are from the Burdastyle Corrine pattern.

I didn’t get a shot that included the legs but basically from the thigh down the fit is perfect.  I cut a 40 but I think could have gone down a size in the bottom and waist.  Already when I was making them I took about 2 cm out of the centre crutch seam, and 1 cm on either side of the top hips as my hips are quite round.  Also they are really high on the waist, I didn’t want to show a pick of my tummy on the blog but there is one here, where you can see that the waistband is only about 1cm or even less lower than my belly button.  I would prefer that they sat lower.  They are ok and I wear them, even on the kindy run (yes I am a “haus frau”) but next time I’ll make the smaller size as I think the crutch and hip are still a little baggy.  The fabric is low pill fleece from Lincraft and is quite okay.  The boys will be getting pants out of the same colour as the friendly lincraft lady threw another couple of metres that had a imperfection.

I love sewing stretch… these pants came together so quickly (despite the lousy instructions) and I really enjoyed just sitting down to overlock most of the seams, rather than the back and forth between the sewing machine and the overlocker.  In a day or so I’ll have a pic of my ponti de roma dress.

What do you think?  My sewing has been rather practical lately… pjs, curtain lining, tracksuits, I’ll sew something pretty soon though  I have some  gorgeous Anna Maria Horner velveteen to make a lovely wintery skirt beckoning me, and I think we need another couch quilt.. so stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “Oh the glamour

  1. Hi Rachel, I need your details to sign you up for the brooch swap but can’t find your contact. Can you email me please or leave another comment with your email address. susie

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