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Long weekends at our house

mean renovation… remember when we bought a fixer upper with rodent issues.  Well we are still chipping away at it.  Hence the lack of photos.  This weekend’s projects involved digging holes for the back deck footings, and converting the former bathroom to a storeroom/ office.  Of course I’m rather useless at that kind of stuff, so my role was cooking for the workers and for a birthday celebration for my mum.

Smoked salmon quiche for the workers with homemade shortcrust pastry (none of that store-bought pastry around here thankyou), homemade bread, and potato salad with lots of spring onion and parsley, and golden syrup puddings.  I realised that though I have my Kitchenaid’s for a few months I’ve never blogged them.

Before we moved our old food processor died, it was a 30 year old Kenwood that was my grandmothers and it saw a lot of use.  I don’t think a lot of appliances are made as durable as that these days.  We knew that we wanted to get a very powerful processor, as we tend to cook a lot of meals from scratch because of Dan’s health condition.  We ended up buying ours from the US and got a Kitchenaid mixer at the same time.  They are both brilliant, and I use them very frequently.   They make hard and yucky jobs like kneading bread and cutting onion super easy, and I wouldn’t be without them.  Plus aren’t they pretty.  When we get our duck egg blue splashbacks put in they will look even better.

Dan and my Dad got loads of work done, and the back deck and storeroom should be finished next week.  I have had a terrible headcold which meant that I only got the tiniest bit of sewing done, I’ll blog my makes once they’re washed though.  Otherwise Easter was good, chocolate was consumed, and we enjoyed spending lots of time together.  We even had an Easter tree with decorations that the kids and I made.

Peanut got a trip to vet today for his immunisations and I finally got a picture of his face (humour me…  my family are all joking that he is the new baby in the family).

Hasn’t he got the most perfectly imperfect face!



2 thoughts on “Long weekends at our house

  1. Love the KitchenAid. Love It. Mine is pink. Name Priscilla (naturally). She gets used every week, and this week we are breadmaking.

    Peanut is gorgeous. Hamish and Cadel cuter though 🙂

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