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Sewing success and failures

So I have been promising pants….  It feels like at the moment that’s all I am making pants for kindy, pants for home, pajama pants…..

First up a lovely pair of Oliver and S Sandbox pants for Cadel.  I just love this pattern, the details really make it.

As you can see they are a little roomy, I think they are the perfect fit for running and playing.  Cadel is quite happy with his robot pants and is wearing them today.  I actually finished them a week ago, however they were waiting to be hemmed.  Hemming is my least favourite part of sewing garments.  The only detail  I left out is that I didn’t put the buttons on the back pockets as I feel it wasn’t necessary for kindy pants.  I made the boys some much loved shorts from this pattern back in January.

I also made pants from this vintage pattern Style 2557.  They turned out very cute, exactly as in the picture, only one problem… they probably wont fit Cadel till he is 6, the pattern sizing is way out.  That said though the finish is nice and I think they will be quite cute.  They are made out of a lovely soft brown pinwale cord.

So pant making will continue, pajama pants for Cadel and I, Corinne yoga pants for me, and some owly pants for Hamish.  What are you working on right now.



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