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Life is good

Life is good at the moment…

For a long time I had been feeling like something was missing in our lives.  We talked about no.3 but to be honest I don’t know I could manage another child, and the practical “no” reasons far outweighed any “yes”.  Plus  with the kids going to school and kindy soon I am very much looking forward to spending more time on my fledging  business.

As I have mentioned we got a kitten on Monday… the lovely Peanut, and I have been keeping things quiet to help settle him in.  Growing up we always had pets and it was important to me that our kids had pets too, however as our yard isn’t secure yet a dog isn’t yet an option.  Did I mention that Dan grow up in an “anti-Cat” household and long proclaimed that he hated them.  Despite that he promised me that he would be nice to the cat and try to like it.

He kept his promise and in fact is actually growing quite fond of the cat.  It would be hard not to be, he is super cute and fluffy, is very playful, and so far doesn’t cry at night and hasn’t had a toileting accident.  He is also quite affectionate, loves hanging out with the boys and tends to follow us around the house, and of course loves to sit on my lap on the couch.

I took this pic on Friday night Cadel had crashed on the couch and Peanut jumped up to have a nap with him.

This weekend I had lots of sewing time, and have been madly working on winter pants for the kids, I’ll post them later in the week.



3 thoughts on “Life is good

  1. Oh i married into an anti cat family, where we had up to 4 pussy cats on high rotation (trouble found them) growing up. Sigh, we’ll never have a cat as somehow my children think they are not worth the trouble, a dog is more practical. So our German Shepherd can continue to reign supreme forever more. Don’t ask me about another baby, i’d say go for it, the more the merrier, i love babies. Love Posie

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