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Ottobre Jodpurs

The boys are desperate for some new clothes especially, comfy pull on pants.  On Christy’s recommendation I whipped these up last week.  I say ‘whipped up’ because making them was just so quick.

Literally it took longer to sew the buttons on than the rest of the pants.  Being a stretch fabric I sewed them together mostly on the overlocker.  I topstitched the side seams, and lowered the waist slightly.  Next time I’ll be making the next size up, they are a little snug around the calf and I think they would look cuter if they were baggier in the butt.  As you can see the seam at the crutch has pulled apart slightly, not sure if the tension on the overlocker isn’t right or whether its just cause they are a little snug… Any suggestions ?

Check out that face… can you tell he is the cheeky one.



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