Foo Fighters ♥ The Two Windmills

Just a touch of celebrity for you today.

Seems like the Foo Fighters will soon be enjoying a little piece of The Two Windmills in their life.  Shorties and Sony have sent a super cute bunny to live with Dave Grohl and his daughters- yay!!!


Drop me a line if you want your own quirky bunny for Easter or head over to Shorties in Newtown.



4 thoughts on “Foo Fighters ♥ The Two Windmills

  1. Here is what Jack had to say:

    That is absolutely awesome!

    Rachel needs to create a special super cute bunny dave grohl edition with a little Foo Fighters t-shirt (holding a mic, or guitar or drum sticks!!)

  2. you’ve been mighty busy I must say!

    Woohoo on the bunny front – how exciting:)
    Love Hamish’s quilt, and Cadel has started Kindy too, glad he’s enjoying it.

    Go the trackydaks…all the way.

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