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Autumn Winter kids sewing

Now you guys know my track record, sometimes I sewing plans which don’t always eventuate (remember when I said I’d sew stretch).  Well I’ve been thinking the kids are going to need some  new cool weather clothes.  I made a huge batch of winter pants for the boys last year, but gosh I must be feeding them way too much cause Cadel’s grown like 6cm.  Hamish has grown out of his pants but is still too short for Cadel’s old pant’s so I’m not sure whether I should just re-hem them or just wait till he grows into those.

First Up Pajamas_ Already its pretty cool in this house in the evening and they definitely need 1-2 new pairs of pajamas each.

I’ve had both these for a little while, the Robot print came from Spotlight at the end of last winter.  I bought a huge  piece, potentially the guys might be wearing this print for a few years running.  The car print came from Peg’s Pieces, I  just love the shade of blue on the background, it’s for Hamish.

I picked up this pattern from Pegs as well.  I could have probably winged making the top without the pattern, but to be honest I’d rather make these up without too much fuss.

Secondly the boys both need some simple pants.  I have loads of corduroy.  These are some of the patterns I am thinking of using.

I’ll definitely be making the Sandbox pants again.  I made some shorts for the boys from the Sandbox pattern a couple of months ago and the fit is just perfect.  Perhaps I’ll make Burda 9793 again with mods.  Style 2557 pants looks interesting the fly is a mock fly and the back is elasticized.  And lastly I am think some overalls for Hamish.  I wonder though if he’s too old for them, since I hope he’ll be toilet trained around his 3rd birthday in July.  However I came across these Clothkits dungarees after seeing Suzy’s giraffe pants and I think that Hamish would look so cute in them

Of course they will need some comfy track suit pants for wearing around the house.  Can you imagine that some people don’t do trackydaks?… How Un-Australian.  I have found a nice Ottobre pattern for these and have some gorgeous electric blue fleece for them.

Finally I think some warm tops would be pretty handy.  I borrowed this pattern from my mother in law last time we were in Bega.

This pattern calls to use Broadcloth, Flannelette, or twill.  I probably would prefer to use something soft maybe flannelette or some fleece.

Have you started thinking about winter sewing yet… What are your plans?  And most importantly where do you stand on the tracksuit issue?



One thought on “Autumn Winter kids sewing

  1. Dan and I stand united on the tracksuit front – you should know that. Just because you have an overlocker, doesn’t mean you should be abusing it’s power in that manner.

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