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A quilt for my little Hamish

Or really I could call this the free quilt.

Have you noticed I have caught the quilting bug lately!  Of course there is other sewing going on: softies, and an Ottobre that I am fossicking through for some winter clothes for the boys.  I think I caught it from Dolores after seeing her Central Park baby quilt with zig zag back.  Afterall  it had been quite some time since the last.

So in the last couple of weeks I have made a quilt top of lovely Sherbert Pips Charm Squares.  But I need batting and backing fabric to finish.

On a whim I made this quilt for Hamish, the piecing was quick, as was the simple wonky line quilting.  The best part is that I didn’t spend a cent on it, I only used fabric I already had, some of which had been giving me the evil eye for quite some time, I also joined two pieces of  batting to make one large piece, and I already had the backing fabric.  I didn’t even need to buy new thread to match.  Pretty impressive huh!!

Hamish loves it, he’s a little obsessed with Cars and the movie and this is as close as he’s getting to merchandised bedlinen.  Mind you when he spotted the gorgeous Heather Ross Rabbits and Race Cars prints pictured he exclaimed “theres McQueen and Mater”.

Meanwhile Cadel started his new kindy yesterday.  He had an excellent first day and he was so sweet last night, I think he actually missed me.  Hamish was pretty good only a little teary when we left Cadel, and had no trouble coping with being the centre of attention for the day, though this might change.

Since Hamish was given his quilt Cadel has been rather keen for one of his own.   He insist’s it should be a train or Thomas the Tank Engine quilt.  I haven’t seen any train fabrics that I even remotely like at the moment.  I love this fabric range, its Dan Stiles Marine for Birch Fabrics.  Do you think I could convince him into an Octonauts quilt?

Or perhaps I might try my hand at appliqueing or embroidering some trains.

Blogging might be a bit sporadic for the next couple of weeks as there are some exciting and time consuming things happening around here.  All will be revealed soon…



5 thoughts on “A quilt for my little Hamish

  1. Love it!! Love the free project and I love that that ‘evil eye’ fabric is now dealt with. I love that ‘evil eye’ saying too. Might steal that one! I’m mean ‘take inspiration’ from it – ha!

  2. Wow! I so totally love it. I love the randomness of the blocks, I think I’ll be stealing this design!! I can see the “marine” bundle for Cadel would go really nicely with this quilt too. Sorry for passing on the bug, the boys are in bed and SIT swap items are giving me the evil eye, saying finish me, finish me! BTW, I like the train applique idea but I think any kind of train quilt will be hard to keep it from looking too babyish. Funny how they have grown out of that ‘baby’ stage so quickly.

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Did you end up making the Octonaut quilt? My son LOVES Octonauts bit with a King Single bed I can buy anything for on it. Would love to hear if you went through with it.

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