Momo couch Quilt

I bought the fabric for this long ago..  two Momo Wonderland jelly rolls during a sale at Remnant warehouse.  It sat while I worked out what to do with it.  I made some blocks up and they sat for a while until I bought the sashing, and I finished the top at the last Craft Room day I attended back in June.  Then it sat for  a while longer until I got bitten by the quilting bug and decided to finally finish it.  It matches our loungeroom perfectly.

I don’t often quilt, partly due to lack of time, but lately I feel an urge to patchwork.  Luckily since this is going to be a cold winter for us, we are used to living in a warm apartment.  So far this summer I have worn my ugg boots more, than in the last 6 years combined.  The last quilt I made was back in October 2009.

I bought some Sherbert Pips Charm squares which arrived yesterday.  I’m thinking of piecing simple squares for a playroom couch quilt.  I just loved Bianca’s version.

What do you think? Like it?



7 thoughts on “Momo couch Quilt

  1. Love your Momo quilt! Must be nice to have it finally finished. Projects backing up is already stressing me out, that’s just the fabric sitting here not even started. I need to make a quilt for Max for preschool because they make the non-sleepers lie on the carpet at rest time. YUK! I have been sending him with a cot sheet but it would be so much nicer for him to have a little yoga mat size quilt to roll out and lie on. He fell asleep in rest time a couple of weeks ago, I felt bad for him and all the kids that are sleeping on the carpet. ANYWAY, I digress… he keeps telling me his favourite colours are PINK & RED. I have been half-heartedly looking for some fabric but would love to get a bundle already selected. Tried Fabric Worm but none boyish with pink & red. I always thought Sherbert Pips was girly but after checking out Bianca’s maybe it’s not. It has the red and pink… Got me thinking now. Sorry about the Post-size comment!

  2. LOVELY! i am in the process of finishing my quilt. thanks for the inspiration!!

    Thanks for signing up to the vintage sheet FQ swap! cant wait to see what you create!

    kel xx

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