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This week I’m grateful for…. family

This weekend (especially today) I’m grateful for my family.   Its been a while now since the move (Oct 2010) and the boys are home with me every day..  EVERY DAY!  I know I am not the only one in this predicament, like many my husband works long hours, and I am trying to run a business of sorts, but I am sure you all can understand sometimes my children make me go a little crazy, or should I say BANSHEE.

There is hope on the horizon, their preschool is opening any week now.  The boys already have places but there is no confirmed start date and it may not be till after Easter.

So when Dan told me that he was going into work on Saturday morning, there was a toddler style tantrum words.  I called my mum and she sent my 14 year old sister around for the day.  She was thrilled to come, they did painting, watched DVDs and played trains.  At any rate who would not want to spend the day with this pair…

I had a lovely day sewing and have almost finished my MoMo quilt.


You can join in at Maxabella Loves.

Ps you might have noticed Hamish’s Echino shorts, I made them both a pair and haven’t ever got around to blogging them.  Aren’t they super cool.


9 thoughts on “This week I’m grateful for…. family

  1. You are so lucky to have a little (unencumbered!) sister who will happily do the aunt thing. My hub’s sister does the same for us and she is ADORED by my children.

    I can’t see the echidna shorts properly! More photos, please! x

    1. Hey Maxabella,

      Its pretty good to have unencumbered sisters, my boys think she is so cool. I look forward to repaying the favour in 15 years or so. I will put some better pics of those shorts up, they are super cute!

      Have a great day Rachel

  2. How wonderful to have family close by:) That is my dream and unfortunatly will never happen (I am living as close as I ever will to my family – and am still 1200km away)
    Just noticed that you are going to SIT – Yay – see you there:)

    1. See you at SIT too, I can’t wait either. I’m sorry to hear your family are so far away I can imagine its especially hard when you have kids. Mostyl its a good thing that mine are 5 min away 😉 Rachel

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