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Laundry Envy

Lately it seems everywhere I look everyone is redoing their laundry.  At the moment our laundry is in the back of our unused garage.  We plan to fix it up a little but with a lack of funds I think this reno is going to be all about pretty, vintage, and making do with paint, rather than stone benchtops and glass splashbacks.  Our last place had a laundry cupboard which was okay when it was just the two of us, but by the time we moved it was completely inadequate, and I did spend quite a bit of time fantasizing about the laundry I wanted.

The problems with the room is that it has no window, exposed brickwork (not the nice kind), a toilet in the corner with the most revolting tiles ever.  The good thing is that it will make a very large laundry, in fact really more of a utility room.  I really think some new floor tiles and a coat of fresh paint would make a huge difference.  Maybe some better lighting as well.

Psychologically it houses the door to the under house area which was where the rats were living and though I know that there aren’t any there now (trust me I check for signs) I also feel sometimes feel a bit anxious in there.

Here are some of my favourite shots from around the web

From Real Simple


Laundry of designer Sarah Hartill found via Design Sponge

Belinda from The Happy Home's lovely laundry


What do you think?  Should laundries be pretty too, or is it a waste of time?



6 thoughts on “Laundry Envy

  1. Our laundry is in the corner of our garage and not very pretty at all. I’m pinning my hopes on the next house, whenever and where ever that may be. I’d love a pretty laundry. Since I spend a fair amount of time in there I think it may as well be pleasing to the eye as well! 🙂

  2. Hi, I just came across your lovely blog and I had to let you know about another laundry you might like over at which was featured back on January 13th. Cheers, Sharon

  3. Our laundry is occupying my mind at the moment too. We renovated 2 years ago but rather than plan the laundry, we just replaced the existing fittings. Wishing we had put more thought into it now, as we definitely could have used the space better.

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