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Hey there,

Its been a busy week.  The kids and I are a bit sick are all suffering from a cold, so there’s been lots of days at home this week.  Which means the kids are having afternoon naps and I’m even getting some sneaky sewing in when they are playing happily in the playroom… it happens occasionally…..

So I have been sewing heaps

I am working on a dressing gown. Previously we lived in an apartment and it never really got very cold.  The new house is a cold house, as it has loads of windows, no carpet, and inadequate curtains, so I am finding the mornings quite cold.

This is to be a summer weight robe made from Laura Gunn’s beautiful Poppy print

I still need to hem the sleeves, and bottom, and also to make the belt and belt loops.  Its coming along quite nicely though.  The pattern I am using is the Bathrobe pattern from Amy Butlers In Stitches book.

Also I am working on a really  a new doll.  I have never made girly dolls to sell before so designing it is a nice change

I finished version 1 last night and it still needs a little work

And lastly I have a pair of shorts for Hamish cut out and ready to sew.  They are Sailboat pants and I am going to make them out of some Navy and White Ticking gifted to me by the lovely Christy.

I’m not sure what buttons to use, I had my heart set on the vintage red buttons, but I need 4 so that’s not going to work, I am not sure about the navy ones either, perhaps I’ll just have to go to a fabric shop and buy some today!

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4 thoughts on “My creative space

  1. What a bright and happy dressing gown! I wish the weather here was cool enough for me to need one too.

    I love the ticking for pants idea and I’m all for red buttons to go with it. Too sweet.


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