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Our Weekend- The zig zag railway

We have just had a massive weekend.  On Friday it was the man’s birthday.  definitely cause for some celebration.  So his choice of  birthday weekend was as follows, Saturday breakfast in Blue Mountains followed by a drive to Lithgow and a ride on the Zig Zag railway, then off to visit a friend, then drive home via to Seaforth to pick up his birthday present a Manfrotto tripod and head (he’s such a camera nerd).  We literally drove through most of Sydney.

Now with a Two year old and a Four year old I am sure you can imagine that we generally avoid packing so much into a weekend, let alone a day.  That said though, we had a fabulous day.  The two Train fans loved it all, and Cadel couldn’t stop talking about how the signal man let him go into the signal box and change the points.









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