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Simplicity 2451


I finished two versions of Simplicity 2451 prior to Christmas, one in denim and one in pink linen.  I am not sure what to say about this pattern.  It quite like this skirt though both versions are not perfect.

Sorry about the photos, I found this skirt impossible to photograph well.


I choose view D and made a size 14 which I then had to take in to accomodate the stretch of the denim.  Even now I think  the denim version is a bit big, but anyhow its quite comfy and I have worn it a few times.  When I made the linen one  I cut the pieces slightly smaller , and now its okay but a little tight and it probably sits a little higher than I am confortable with.  The pink one was going to be my Christmas day skirt but my husband talked me out of it.  The only  change I made is that I cut the facings out of scraps of patchwork fabrics that coordinated so that they looked pretty, I also hand sewed the waistband facings down, as I really feel that this looks a lot neater than if I had machine sewed them down.

I also made another quick A-line skirt which is quite cute.. I’ll blog this one later.  Before Christmas I also purchased a Bernina Invisible zipper foot.  Best. Thing. Ever!  The invisible zips in all the skirts are perfect and were so easy, I can’t believe it had taken me so long to get one.






2 thoughts on “Simplicity 2451

  1. The skirts are fabulous & i can’t imagine you being a size 14 or making that size, no wonder you had to take it in!! The pink is such a statement colour, i used to have a cute linen skirt in that shade, i say used to, i still have it, size 10, not fitting me lately!! A white tank always made for a simple ensemble. Love Posie

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