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My new sewing room

For me one of the best things about moving, has been getting my very own sewing room.  I have never had such a luxury and previously sewed and ran my softie business out of a corner table in my bedroom and loungeroom.  This has meant that sewing hasn’t always been easy and if you have to get the machine out  and put it away after each time you use it this can be pretty off-putting.

So I have the third bedroom which is lovely.  It’s on the shady side of the house and overlooks the side garden.  It has a ceiling fan and a built-in wardrobe which is full of Dan’s clothes.  Unfortunately this house has very little storage, and no linen press so the room also has to store all our excess linen.

We painted the room whisper white like the rest of the house.  Dan built me some shelves in the corner as previously all my fabric was in tubs on the floor.

I need to make a curtain to go across the front .  I am think a bright Ikea print fabric would look great.  I love how empty they look.  I won’t feel so guilty next time I buy fabric.  The tubs on the bottom levels contain my softie fabrics, and fabrics that I have earmarked to make things for the kids.  The upper levels have all my dress – making fabrics.

Previously I had a small vintage table which had my sewing machine and overlocker on it.  It was very crowded.  We bought a desk for $10.50 on ebay… its huge.

It’s in pretty good condition and extremely solid.  I plan to do something to it to make it a bit prettier but I am not entirely sure what yet.  Any ideas.  Look at the pretty view out the window, past our garden shed, it is a council reserve.

The small desk is on the other side with my overlocker and its bits and bobs.

These shelves house all my sewing books, patterns, and copies of my published softie patterns, along with lots of other random stuff.  Hmm I probably could have tidied these for the photo a little, oh well.  In case you a wondering the painting is by my 13 year old sister… she’s very talented.

So there you have it a tour of my sewing room… somewhat warts and all.  I love it though.  It makes going in to sew for long or short periods of time so much easier, and the kids haven’t set foot near my machines for some time.  When they were in the loungeroom there was just way too much temptation.  It has also lead to loads of productivity and I have been sewing more than ever.  Hopefully I’ll take some photos taken in the next day or so, so I can show you what I been working on.

What do you think?



9 thoughts on “My new sewing room

  1. I am absolutely in love with your matroyshka box! And, I agree that some bright fabric across the closet would be fantastic. Congratulations on your new room – I just reorganized mine and find it so refreshing to have a pretty, neat place for creating.

  2. Looks like you’re relatively organised! How nice to have a dedicated room that you can shut the door to your projects and not have to worry about putting things away and unpacking them the next time you’re ready to work on them again. I really loathe having to sew in our kitchen/dining room!! I like the Ikea gunilla fabric in B&W or turquoise. BTW, I love your sister’s painting. She really is talented!!

  3. Wow Rachel! I am in love with your sewing room. Inspiration every which way you look.

    I so know the feeling of getting a dedicated spot for sewing – it totally rocks!!!!!

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