The House

Our house

Our renovations have begun.  We moved into our house back on the 10th of October, and moved out two days later.  One word RATS!  On the first day I was feeding the boys lunch and what should bound up the stairs through the loungeroom and run down into the bedrooms.  A giant rat, I actually thought it was a possum because it was so big.  I FREAKED OUT having not  had any experience with furry vermin in the house.

The pest man came out and confirmed a serious infestation of rats living in the under house area and wall linings.  Since the rats were fairly well entrenched and we saw and hear more of them over the next day we decided to move out and start our renovations sooner than anticipated.  The baits are working and I think that the rats are indeed dying and moving on .


So this is what my house looks like now



The Builders are starting on Monday and within the next few weeks we should have a lovely new Bathroom, Kitchen, and dining room. I can’t wait.  So needless to say there hasn’t been a great deal of crafting going on around here.  I am busting to get into my new sewing room though when this is all over.  At the moment it is full of boxes which I daren’t open for fear of rats eating my fabric.  Horror.  Here’s a pic of the view from my sewing room.


I probably won’t blog again for another few weeks while tile shops and window manufacturers take up all my time, but I hope to be back soon with some crafting.




8 thoughts on “Our house

  1. The pics are exciting… can’t wait to see the newly renovated pad! Just make sure all the horrid buggers are gone before I come over!! I feel your pain on not being able to sew, besides my sewing machine woes last week, I think the children have been conspiring against me having any quiet time.

  2. As I slowly scrolled down this post, I thought that you were going to show a picture of a rat. But, I knew you wouldn’t do that to me. Oh, how I hate them too.

    My nanna, a professional dressmaker, with a garage FULL of fabric – think vintage galore – a crafter’s dream. Well, she got the rats and I said goodbye to all the vintage fabric, paper patterns, thread … it was SUCH a sad day.

    Good luck with the renovations.

    x Catherine

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