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The third print in a row

I also finished this top on the weekend.  yes I know its another print.  I am capable of sewing with solids, its kind of a fluke doing three prints in a row.

The pattern used was McCalls 5977 without the ruffle.  This was my wearable muslin.  This pattern has quite a lot of ease.  I cut a 14 and thought I’d do a full bust adjustment but when I tissue fitted it looked fine.  So I went ahead and made it grading to a 12 at the waist and hips.  Anyhow its still very generous.  The bust fits pretty good at the front but droops a little at the back between my shoulder blades.  The fabric is a cotton voile from spotlight, and is lovely and soft.

I plan to make this again with another voile I have, but I am not sure whether to make it in a 12 with a FBA, or to cut a 14 front and a modified 12 back.  Any ideas?  Also though I am not sure you can see I would probably lower the neckline slightly as I think it would be more flattering if it were a touch lower.

I am really proud of this piece.  The garment came together very quickly, and I hand sewed the binding down on the inside.  I must say after all my soft toy making my hand sewing is very neat, and the inside looks immaculate.

Apologies for the pictures.  I am hoping in the new place there will be a good  indoor spot to take pictures with the right amount of natural light.



4 thoughts on “The third print in a row

  1. Love that print. Am so psyched to start sewing soon, just need to finish Scarlett’s crochet blanket and then I’ll be on my way. Already started shortlisting patterns and fabrics but am using a lot of restraint to not go out and buy everything at once in case the momentum is lost and it just sits around collecting dust. Want to make quite a few Oliver & S things for the kids and have found some great skirts, a tunic top and a couple of dresses for me.

  2. I love this shirt, the print is very cute. But most of all I dropped by to see if all is well at your side of the world. I know you have been moving, so I guess you’re busy with getting settled again, but I just wanted to let you know that I think of you and hope you and your loved ones are ok! x

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