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Burda 131- never to be made again…

Well I wanted to show you a pic of my recently completed and highly adapted Burda 131 A line skirt from Burda Magazine 9/2009.

My first was a dismal failure.  Frankly the second is okay, I took it in a lot and in the end did away with the waistband and belt loops all together as I didn’t think they were necessary for the fabric I was using, plus I tend to wear skirts on my hips anyway.  I am not sure that the darts at the front are in the right spot for me, but then I am not sure where I would move them to, or get rid of them all together.  Needless to say I won’t remake it.

Because the fabric is quite thick and it is a casual skirt I didn’t bother lining it, but I did use handmade bias tape to finish the inner waist seam.  This wasn’t suggested in the pattern, I just thought it would be work, and the spots make me smile.

It’s no great creation but I think its looks okay and will be nice to wear around when doing my usual Mum duties.. park, shops etc.

Also we are at the beginning of an exciting week.  We are moving out on Saturday.  I have packed umpteen boxes but I think this move is going to be pretty easy since we moved half of our stuff out pre sale.  It’s also the anniversary of Dan and I’s first meeting on Saturday (12 years now)… which I think is a rather nice coincidence.



5 thoughts on “Burda 131- never to be made again…

  1. The fabric is great and it looks like a very handy skirt. Do you think it was the instructions that did your head in or the design? I have a Burda magazine here with SO many awesome patterns but the directions are CRAPOLA and I just don’t want to waste any more fabric with umpteenth mistakes from just not understanding what to do!!

    1. Thanks Sophie, I think its a bit of both. I really do think that the pattern sizing is out, and the instructions were quite and to follow. At this stage in my sewing experience I definitely need diagrams. I have quite a few Burda magazines too, and I’ve decided I am not going to buy anymore.. at least until I am a more experienced sewer. There is weird pooling under my ahem pot belly that isn’t good, anyhow its nothing a longish top won’t cover up.

  2. Wow Rachel! Your spring wardrobe is certainly filling up!

    It’s so hard with making garments for oneself, you only really find out whether you love it or hate it once all the hard work is done.

    But I do always think we are our own worst critic, all your garments look fine and I bet come summer they will all be getting a good work out!

    Hope the move went well this weekend 🙂

  3. I love it, I have the same fabric in my stash, but haven’t thought of making a skirt with it. looks really cute even if the pattern wasn’t exactly “successful”. -kb

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