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Two New dresses

I have been madly sewing away… I am not sure that I am thrilled with the results.

I made Butterick 5211

I made a 14 and graded it to a 12 at the waist and hips.  Its okay though I think my bust makes it look a little boxy.  I probably could have added a couple of centimetres at the tops of the shoulders.  I have quite broad shoulders and I think the dress would be more arm flattering if it were a little longer at the shoulders.  Dan says that he likes it on me and asked if I am going to wear it to dinner on Saturday night at Bilsons.  I won’t be wearing it anywhere dressy,  I think this is going to be a hot day dress for at home and trips to the park.

I also made Simplicity 2586

Again its okay.  I made a size 14.  I think perhaps I could go down a size, around the chest, but then I think it wouldn’t fit well at the shoulders and underarms.  I have decided that these loose-fitting dresses just aren’t right for my body type, which is why I suppose I’ve never actually made anything from my Japanese pattern books.  Again I am not sure I will be leaving the house in this either.

That said though I am really happy with the construction of these, not that there was anything very complex involved.  My facings on B5211 were perfectly neat as was the neck binding on Simplicity 2586.

Yesterday I was also working on my New look 6594, which just needs to be hemmed so I’ll have that to show soon.



7 thoughts on “Two New dresses

  1. I think the first one is perfectly gorgeous! I can also see a version with a lower neckline working on you – perhaps a v-neck on that same dress (not that I know anything about how to modify a pattern, or make sure it sits flat or anything!). A v-neck on girls with boobs always looks so flattering. I’m the same as you in that anything with not-enough-shape actually makes me look frumpier. Those Japanese dresses really look best on boyish, boob-less figures, sadly!

    As for the second one – you know the only thing letting it down I think is the sleeves. I read somewhere in one of those ‘dress right for your shape’ books that puffy sleeves and bat-wings and stuff again suit boob-less figures best, as these sleeves tend to ‘extend’ the cleavage on more shapely women and make her look top heavy. I wonder if you could slim the sleeve on it? I really think the rest of it looks just lovely.

    Anyway, I’m not really a guru on these things, but thems my thoughts…

  2. Rachel I too love the first one and think you could do a v-neck instead which would look even better. I think the second one looks great but it’s a bit hard to see the shape because of the colour. Well done on sewing for yourself.

  3. Hey Rach
    I think they are great. With the first one, I love the fabric and when I compared it to the pattern pics I could see what you mean about how it sits differently on you. Could you widen the neckline so that the join is further out on the shoulders? I’m not sure how far it extends because your hair is in the way. Anyway, a little cardigan would hide the sleeves and then you could wear it out and feel less self-conscious. The second looks great from what I can tell, it is hard to make out the waist area because of the dark colour. I don’t think it makes you look ‘booby’. Well done is all I can say.
    Can’t wait to see your skirts. Hey, do adjustable dress dummies really work? Maybe you could get one for your sewing room.


  4. I just found this post when I was looking for ideas for B5211. I really really it on you! It doesn’t make you too boxy. In fact it makes you look thinner because your hips are so narrow (jealous!). If you want to make it look less narrow, just wear a long necklace, as that will elongate your torso and play down the shoulders.

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