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Sewing progress and Doh moments!

Well my Burda 131 denim skirt was coming along nicely, the invisible zip is , well invisible.

and the waistband is looking fantastic

and so it was with much excitement that I tried it on at 10.30pm last night… And it was too big.  Because of the construction method in the instructions (and I am generally vague after 8.30pm) I hadn’t checked fit until after I had put in my zipper and sewed the facing down.  Doh!

Its only about 1cm on either side out, but to be honest I am not sure if I will bother to unpick the waistband and zipper to take it in.  It was op shop denim which I also think was a little too heavy for the skirt, and frankly the most expensive part of the skirt was the $2.50 zip.  I have put in invisible zips a few times before and always had lots of trouble… this time I followed a Sunni’s guidelines and also the recommendations in Sew U and it was a breeze, and is really neat.

I have finished a somewhat wearable muslin for Butterick 5211 and am about to start on the finished version.  I found that the size 14 is perfect on the top but I had to blend down to a 12 for my waist and hips.  Hopefully I’ll have that to show soon.

In other news I found a funny little fabric shop opposite the boys kindy.  Basically it is in a garage and is filled will all sorts of SUPER cheap fabric.  I purchased all this (in 2-3 metre pieces for) $23 dollars

and this

The last two are slightly crazy prints but the colours are gorgeous and I think they’d look great made into a very simple design.

I also received a package from Quilthome the other day it included

Anna Maria Horner volumes which I plan to make a summer skirt out of…

and these fabrics

which will hopefully look as cute as this skirt

So that’s all my news… Have I mentioned that in the new house I am going to have a sewing room.  I have been stickybeaking at some great ones here and also admiring Karin’s.



4 thoughts on “Sewing progress and Doh moments!

  1. Those are some great fabrics. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be creating with them. And what a shame your skirt didn’t turn out right. It looks so neat and perfect in the pictures! But I can imagine you don’t feel like unpicking. I’m not a real big unpicking fan either 🙂

    Oh and thanks for the link the my studio! I always love looking at other people’s sewing rooms/studio/creative spaces, , so much fun! I look forward to seeing yours in the future!

  2. I similarly make those types of errors after 8.30pm – which is a real shame as its about the only “quiet” time I can get to do fiddly craft things that require some level of concentration and the odd mathematical equation…
    I do love those fabrics you’ve picked up!

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