Progress and decisions

Lately there has been lots of talk, talk between me, myself, and I, talk with Dan, and talk with friends about the future.  I have been making and selling soft toys for around 14 months now, and for a little while I have been feeling as though I need a break from it.  When I started I was a little burnt out from my previous occupation, and couldn’t bear the thought of going back to it however more and more I am looking forward to eventually going back to work.  This coupled with our plans to renovate our new little house over the next few months had helped me to decide to take a bit of a ‘retirement’ from the soft toy making business.  I’ll still be blogging to show off my ‘fun’ sewing, and there might be the occasional softie post as I have a few more patterns being published soon.  I’m finishing off the last touches on the last batches of my toys headed off to my stockists My Messy Room and Shorties.

I also have been madly working on some garments for my spring summer wardrobe.. hopefully I’ll have some pics to show soon.



3 thoughts on “Progress and decisions

  1. I reckon one of the best things about this crafty-blog business is that it’s so flexible, you can adapt it to suit your needs. Good luck with your future ventures-and your fun sewing!

  2. It’s totally normal to get burnt out doing the same thing day in and day out. Take a break and I am sure you will love it even more when you decide to come to it.

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