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Spring Wardrobe Sewing

As I mentioned yesterday I have been thinking loads about spring wardrobe sewing.  I haven’t sewed clothes for ages and I am bursting to get my overlocker out.

I have been stockpiling some fabric for a while.

Cotton poplin from Spotlight, probably for this dress

Butterick 5211 (view B the purple one) a very simple dress for trips to the shops, the park, and weekend outings.

Blue linen blend also from Spotlight… the same as Leslie’s though I wished I’d come across it in Black.  Also a mid weight charcoal denim.

I think that the blue Linen would be nice in view A.  The charcoal denim is for this skirt

I also plan to embellish a few bought tops.  I love how Vintage Dutch girl has adapted hers, and I really like the necklace tanks from the  Sew Darn Cute book.

So, I am outlining this to you because honestly I spend much more time thinking about things I am going to make and buying fabric than actually sewing (oh how I hope Dan doesn’t read this).  And I hope that by telling you all of my plans it will be a digital kick in the butt to actually make them.  Feel free to remind me if I get off track with these.

What do you think? Do you have any Spring (or Autumn if in the Northern hemisphere) sewing plans.



5 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe Sewing

  1. I love your style, Rachel. While your at it, make me one of everything will you?

    Hip Hip Horray on the house purchase in the ‘burbs. Sounds idyllic!

  2. Ah yes, the planning is one of the best parts, isn’t it? Finding fabrics, thinking of patterns, fun, fun, fun! I look forward to seeing your garments, i am sure they will be great!

  3. Love all your plans. You sound like me, I can spend hours pouring over fabrics, yarns or patterns and plan out all these projects without achieving hardly any of it. Still waiting for a couple more balls of wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills to start Scarlett’s ripple blanket (I’m adding 3 new colours). Inspiriation from Dwell Studio’s quilt called Paper Dolls http://www.kidostore.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=2695. It’s super expensive but I fell in love with it and might be crazy enough to buy it. Better go check on her, she’s been asleep since 7.30am (it’s now 11.30am)!!!

  4. PS We’ve been inspired to start looking a little further afield for a house. Still not completely sure about moving into the ‘burbs BUT we might find something we love that will justify it.

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