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Well hello, Its finally done!  We sold our place a week or so ago, and bought a house on the same day.  I never want to do it again!  There was plenty of tension, our first buyers pulled out and there was a little worry as to weather our new house would pass its structural and pest inspections.   Thank goodness it all turned out well in the end.

The new house is fantastic in a retro/ 70’s, its been rented out to grots for the last 10 years; kind of way.  Its in a gorgeous bushy area…, a quiet cul de sac, in a high position, and the local primary is over the back fence.  It need loads of work and has plenty of quirks, it has 2 bars (not that I am sure we’d even use one), a stage in the backyard, and a toilet with no walls around it or wash stand in the garage (thats right- just a toilet).  We hadn’t planned to buy a renovators delight but fell in love with the house.  Its in a tiny suburb, with no through traffic, no apartment blocks, no public transport (actually there may be an infrequent bus), and I’m hoping the only noisy neighbours will be wildlife .  Its about as different from Petersham as you can get.

Other than that I have resumed a little sewing, mostly work stuff.  I also have been thinking about a summer wardrobe… I’m not as organised as Christy, but I have bought some patterns and fabric for my “summer wardrobe sewing”.  I’ll share my plans for that in the next couple of days.

happy Monday



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  1. Wow your new place sounds amazing. We have a stage in our house too, we haven’t renovated that part of the house yet, but I’m thinking of keeping it for future kiddy performances, I think it would be fun!

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