There have been some very exciting things happening lately.  As you know Dan and I are in the process of selling our apartment, which means weekends spent looking at houses and weeks spent being very tidy which is definitely not my natural state.  The agent took photos last week which you can on my flickr stream if you’re interested.

Aside from this I was thrilled to have my Madeleine the Mod Bear featured in The (Sydney) Magazine

This was in the same article that featured Claire, Kristen, and Alison.  I was especially excited when I saw my bear featured amongst such experienced and talented craft labels, such as  the red thread, and  My Sweet Prints.  The Madeleine that is in my shop is actually the last of that exact one as I am unable to get anymore of the print fabric so if you like her do snap her up.

You might have noticed lately that blog posts have been pretty infrequent lately, I’ve been really apathetic and I think its time for a blogiday.  So I plan to take a few weeks off.  I’ll still be reading and commenting but you probably won’t hear much from me, until I am back feeling inspired.



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