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Where have I been?

Hey there… so sorry for the unannounced break.  Things have been crazy busy.

The littlest boy turned 2, started kindy, and moved into a big bed within a week.  (no doing things by halves around here).

I now have 2 childfree days per week, hurrah.  (they have also since had haircuts, Cadel gets a bit bulbous looking when his hair is long).

I sewed lots

Toys, flannelette pjs, and trackies for the boys.  Don’t you just love Cadel’s pose.

Another thing is that one of my toys was featured in a Harvey Norman ad in Donna Hay kids magazine.  I received a call from a friend who spotted it and it was a great surprise

(incidently if you have this issue of Donna Hay kids the pork meatballs are great).

Dan’s health has been a little better Kidney disease is not reversible but it can be slowed.  He started a blog about all this here if you are interested.  To all the people who comment about this thanks so much, it really means alot to me.

And lastly we decided to sell our apartment.  As much as we’ve loved living here it is now just too small for our needs, and alot of the reasons we moved here (Proximity to cafes, cinemas, the city) aren’t really relevent anymore.  So we have decided to move to the burbs.  So the other thing I have been doing is decluttering, and cleaning, and even more decluttering.  There is a funny article about style a home for selling here.

So there, things might be a bit sporadic around here for a while, but I’ll pop in when I can.



7 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Hey Rachel. Good to know what’s been happening. You’ve been busy. Congrats on the advert appearance (pity they don’t pay commissions, hey?!) Glad to hear Dan is going ok too – well, as ok as you can be given the chronic condition.

    Boys are looking super. Kinder at age 2? Dang I wish we lived in NSW, I can’t even get my 3yo into a kinder spot here.

    We’ve come to the same conclusion re: flat space with two small boys (but we’re looking for a larger place to rent in the same area, rather than selling up… because I STILL love being close to everything!). Good luck with all of that – eek!

  2. Hey, love the basket of softies – you have been busy! I bet you’ll love your apartment once it’s decluttered and “staged” for sale. On the other hand, how exciting to be house hunting. Imagine all that space and shopping you will need to do to fill it…. and you might even get a Craft Room!!!! 🙂 Always happy to assist in any way.

  3. I loved that styling article!

    Good luck with the de-cluttering and househunting. I bet those two child-free days per week will get busy in no time.

  4. You certainly have alot going on at the moment!
    Saw your Madeline mod bear in the Sydney magazine article yesterday. Woohoo – you’re going great guns 🙂

    Good luck with the house hunting, hope to catch up with you soon

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