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Leander Lion and an article about me

I’ve always been a little uncomfortable being the centre of attention… or rather receiving much attention at all, so I was a little uncomfortable when Patchwork and Stitching askied if they could publish an interview with me.  That said though I agreed (hoping to drive a little traffic over here- as you do) and it came out along with my pattern for Leander the Lion (or Leola if you prefer).  They are in Patchwork and Stitching Vol 11 (2) which is the current issue.

I have been thinking a lot lately about a direction for The Two Windmills.  I’m loving that I am fortunate enough to be able to work on my softies, and soon I wil have a massive 2 childfree  days a week to devote to softying, pattern writing, etc.  I hoping to take it slow and see where it goes.  The one certainty I feel at the moment is that I am not ready to go back to working in my profession, I think I am a little burnt out, but then who knows what the future holds, and in a few months I might  just change my mind.



5 thoughts on “Leander Lion and an article about me

  1. Great lion, it’s so colourful and fun. And how exciting that you were in that magazine!

    I think that if you have the opportunity to take your time with finding your path that it’s only wise to take it slow and do what your heart tells you to. Especially when you feel burnt out I think it’s important to take your time. Nobody benefits if you go too quick and ruin your health. I hope you’ll find out where you want to go. I am sure you will. And I am positive yours will be a wonderful, creative path!

  2. What a really nice article! Congrats on being featured, Rachel. I completely understand about not wanting to go back to “work” but it seems you have your new profession ahead of you. A fun and colourful one at that 🙂

  3. yes I like your ideas and patterns also, in fact so much with the Owl pattern that I have made quite a few to give to grandchilden, however I really would like to have them on our stall when we sell owl badges for Retina Australia which is trying to find a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa that causes blindness. thanks Jo

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