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And now for some fun sewing!

Well I’ve had a massive weekend of sewing.  Yesterday I did quite alot and I feel as though I got the hang of the overlocker too.

First up I made three pairs of pants for the boys

Hamish looking coy in his new duds.

All are made from navy corduroy (exciting hah), two have car fabric trim, and one has robot fabric trim.  The pattern for the two with mutton-chop pockets is one that I have been trying to perfect for a little while.  I think the legs need to be more tapered though it’s probably hard to tell from the pictures.

Hugging boys showing off a side view of their new pants.

Next up was my second schoolhouse tunic.  It really is a very generous pattern.  This time I made the size 10-12 and still took it in a little.  I overlapped the front bodice slightly as well.  I also lengthened it by about 1 inch and a half.  I really like how it turned out, though it’s still really roomy.  Perfect for today’s Craft Room meet day, as there was plenty of space for stomach expansion.

The fabric is a lovely Linen blend I purchased from Spotlight 6 months ago.  The splotchy print reminds me of lots and lots of berries.

What do you think?



9 thoughts on “And now for some fun sewing!

  1. I thought you looked gorgeous! I forgot to comment the other day that I have the same overlooker. Mine came with a heap of extra feet if you ever want to try before you buy.

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