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Craft room ideas

At the moment we live in quite a small space.  Most of my crafting is done at my sewing nook which is in the corner of our bedroom, or on the couch in the loungeroom.  One day I hope to have a dedicated sewing ro0m or studio.  Anyhow the nook is getting a revamp.  I’ve been keeping these flickr photos as inspiration.

1. Untitled, 2. my studio…, 3. New craft studio – WIP, 4. workspace, 5. fairylight corner, 6. storage, 7. my sewing table feb 09, 8. Sewing Room, 9. Emily’s Sewing Room/Library

I don’t know if I could choose a favourite though. I think I definitely need one of these.

Whats your crafting area like? Are you lucky enough to have a room all of your own for it?



5 thoughts on “Craft room ideas

  1. Dude that all looks fabulous. I’ll have one of each!

    I’m still crafting in the loungeroom because our bedroom is just too small for a nook (tho most of my stuff lives in there). Plus I think I’m a social crafter – I’ll probably always have the sewing machine out in the house somewhere. One day I hope for a huge kitchen/living room with a big table upon which I can do my sewing (and serve meals, check homework, etc etc). I hope you show some pictures of where you go with your ideas.

  2. Loving the inspiration. I am constantly moving between living room and dining room. The fairly lights idea I could use above my computer – it’s a dark little corner of the dining room… hmmm thinking …. 😉

  3. My fave nooks are 1, 2 & 3. I love 6 for it’s practical storage-ness and I love the turquoise and hot pink combo of 9 (a colour combo I am considering for Scarlett’s room, even though the boys have turquoise & red. I keep getting drawn to turquoise at the moment.) If space was not an option I think 3 is the best, I love that Granemo Ikea cabinet. I wonder when that will be available locally? No. 1 is giving me inspiration for my study nook in the dining room as I have about the same amount of space. I really need to get that sorted!!

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