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My creative space…

Today I’m thinking of Robot’s again, imagining fat ones, skinny ones, good ones, and evil ones.  They will be part of a new crafty endeavour I am planning.  

I loved these shows as a child!

I’m also putting the final touches onto my whale pattern which will be ready next week, and planning  a store update.  Also I’ve been looking at the group Japanese patterns on Adults on Flickr and I’m itching to make something like this or this.  Not sure If I could pull them off though.  Thanks goodness its a sunny day in Sydney today.  The kids are a little sick and I have no car today so we’ve been a little housebound, at least today we can go for a nice walk!

Hope you all have a great creative Thursday!  As always thanks to Kirsty.



9 thoughts on “My creative space…

  1. Thanks for that link. I’ve been admiring the Japanese patterns for kids but haven’t seen the adult ones. Very inspiring. Love the idea of the robot craft. Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Oh robots. Looks fun and old-school! Glad to see you enjoyed your time up north, a bit further north than us (mackay… ManQLD is big).

    I too wish to make those gorgeous Japanese pieces but am not convinced that I can pull it off figure- wise.

    Ps toilet training coming along really well now! Phew.

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