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Holiday Op shopping… and other things

One of the thing I was most looking forward to while we were on holiday was op shopping.  You see I’m, not a sun and sand kind of girl, I way too pale for all of that.  I had visions of country op shops filled to the brim with the most spectacular vintage sheets.  After a discussion with my horrified husband we agreed that I would be allowed to visit one op shop per day or 8 over the total trip.

Well I must say op shopping in general was disappointing.  In Townsville they weren’t terribly exciting, and in the country areas they seemed to close very early.  In fact in Charters Towers they closed at 11am on a weekday.  I didn’t purchase a single sheet, I did however find lots of great old kids books.

These ones were from an Op shop in Ingham for $2.

And these were from a Oppy in Townsville.  I especially love “The house in the the tree”, the illustrations are so organic, and inspiring.

I also did a lot of cross stitching while we were away.  I hadn’t done it for years but thought it would be a good easy project for a holiday.  I started with these super simple ones, which I plan to put on the wall when I find it a good spot.  The patterns were purchased from andwasabi



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