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My creative space

Well then, my creative space this week  has been super busy.

I am currently working on writing a pattern for my Moby Whale which will be available as a PDF download through my online store.  I am super excited about it.

I am also working on pants for the boys (again)

I am a little addicted to making pants for them, this is my 6th pair.  At the moment I am tweaking my pattern to make a ‘perfect’ toddler pant.  I am learning that:

-my two year old needs pants that are a little higher at the back to accomodate his nappy

-I like a straightleg

I really, really want an overlocker

-the 3 and a half year looks better with a proper flat front, and waistband

-his butt is superflat so his pants don’t need to be too deep

This pair are made from charcoal denim that I picked up from the oppy.  A 4 metre piece for $15, which is a bargain.  The feature fabric is a linen kawaii print ordered from karaku

I am also thinking of a simple project that I can take away with me… we are headed to North Queensland on Monday for a week and I’d like something simple to do.  I’m thinking embroidery.  I love these comfort stitching patterns.

As usual a big thanks to Kirsty for hosting



12 thoughts on “My creative space

  1. I love Moby. I want an overlocker too…though I hardly sew these days. Perhaps I should just save the overlocking jobs for when I visit mates.

  2. Love your Moby Whale!!!

    Hope you enjoy North Queensland next week, best place in the World!! (ok so I’m biased since I live here!)



  3. The pants look great. I am half way through two pairs of pants for Cohen and have been using my overlocker to make them. But I can sew with it when he is asleep as it is so loud and right next to his room, and when he is awake he wants to be in my sewing room with me of course, and loves to pull everything out of the shelves and cupboards! I hope I finish them before he goes up a size. 🙂

  4. MOBY IS ADORABLE!!! I love the ‘spray’ out of his blowhole!

    {Thinking I need the perfect pants pattern too, to accomodate not a nappy, but just a large butt. 😀 }

  5. Moby is so cute! I’ve got a couple of pairs of pants cut out for two of my little ones too – I go with straight leg for my son, and boot leg for my daughter. Great bargain with the denim too!

  6. Moby looks great, I’m sure the pattern will be a winner.
    i love the idea of a things I have learnt list. I must do that for some of my basics so I remember.

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