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Refashioned pyjamas

Refashioned pyjamas, originally uploaded by The two windmills.

I finished these pyjama’s for the boys this afternoon. I rescued one of Dan’s old business shirts. The fabric is excellent quality and quite thick, so I immediately thought of pyjama’s.

The arms of the shirt became Cadel’s pants and I left the cuff as is at the feet. I used the body of the shirt for Hamish’s pants. Both have a simple elastic waist. There was some left over fabric so I used it to applique their initials on some $5 t- shirts. My boys are a bit obsessed with letters at the moments so they love these.

I am thrilled with how they turned out and will definately be trying this idea in summer with more lightweight shirts.



7 thoughts on “Refashioned pyjamas

  1. Love these Rach, and your boys are ADORABLE. When I get home from a few weeks away it’s definitely PJ time.
    PS currently trying out the toilet training again and wishing William would channel Cadel just a ‘wee’ bit! Sigh.
    Pps meant to ask what your husband works in and whether the long hours are settling yet? I hope you’re getting some space back.

  2. They are awesome Rach! Those kids are too beautiful – Cadel is Dan all over and Hamish is just so like you! I miss them! xx

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