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The domestic goddess?

Well not quite… actually not at all.  That said though, at the moment I’m parent, cook, cleaner etc.  Dan started a new job a couple of weeks ago which has meant lots of extra long hours, and so I haven’t had a lot of spare time lately, and therefore haven’t been doing much blogging.  His new job is a really positive thing for our family so I am very happy about it all, and frankly I am so glad that I am able to work from home at the moment, as I don’t think we’d be managing as a family if I was back in my old job.

Anyhoo I’ve also been keeping busy with a new design which I hope to show off, when I can get some good pictures, and I have been working on making some clothes for the boys.  I realised last night that Cadel has no winter pj’s that fit him so I think that’ll be my next thing as its getting a bit chilly here.


4 thoughts on “The domestic goddess?

  1. I bought Max nice jersey and flanny PJs from Kmart for $10 a pair. Kmart’s stock has improved quite a lot, I’ve bought him a few items of clothing that don’t look like they came from Kmart.

  2. I bought Max jersey and flanny PJs at Kmart for $10 each. They seem to have improved stock quality and design lately.

  3. If the boys are anything like D, you’ll need to find some good super hero transfers or patches to sew on – Darcy has a total, all-consuming obsession with al things Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Flash, Aquaman and so on – all clothes must have something on them, or he doesn’t like to wear them! xxx

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