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A very belated one per month

Well what a week its been.  This was my last week of ‘softying’ before a little Easter break, and unfortunately I was on a ‘go slow’, I had a ungraceful fall down an escalator last weekend and cut my right arm open.  So I was a little less productive than normal.  However I did finish my Lounge pants from the February One Per Month challenge.  Only a month or so late.

They were super easy… in fact I barely followed the pattern.  I used purchased cord, rather than making at as the pattern suggested, out of sheer laziness.  They are made from Heather Ross wildflowers in fuchsia and trimmed in Heather Bailey bijoux tile in lime, which I think is more of a celery colour than lime.  They are brighter than I intended and practically glow in the dark, but I love them.  I plan to make another pair our of a lovely vintage sheet I found the other day, though I might bring the legs in a little more.

Anyhow does this happen whenever your camera comes out?

The boys always insist on being in the photo, and won’t go back to what they were doing until you take their picture.

Edited to add… I should point out that the hems aren’t crooked, its just a dodgy pic.  oops



3 thoughts on “A very belated one per month

  1. Awesome pants! better late than never I say.

    I have a stack of craft books too – I should probably commit to one per month to get some of my projects started….

  2. They look great Rachel! Another project waiting for me on the back burner…………..

    Hope your arm heals quickly, I can only imagine how that looked as you went down. It wasn’t at M’ville Metro was it? I have seen so many people fall down those escalators it’s not funny!

    And finally yes, it does happen All The Time. They seem to have an inbuilt photo hog gene!!

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