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Hey there,

Can I just say that I am over summer.  I get like this every year and crave winter, mind you today was and still is at 8.30 pm ridiculously hot.

Last week I bought two Japanese sewing books for winter clothes.  I can’t wait till they arrive as I am really keen to sew some myself some new clothes.

I love the tunic length version, I would wear it with jeans and boots like the model.

Something like this dress could be handy with leggings and boots.  I’m a little anxious as to how these might turn out as I am far less trim than the pretty model, and very much a beginner garment sewer.

Anyhow I am also overdue in making my lounge pants as per the one per month challenge.  So hopefully I do those this weekend.



3 thoughts on “Hey there,

  1. Heh heh. Bought two of these types of books myself recently. Drool. I think the great thing is that most items can be trans-seasonal… hurrah. Now I just have to learn to make stuff!

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