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My creative space

I just finished off these two mini bunnies for a custom order that are going to be someone’s Easter present.  Aren’t they cute I think I might even make one for myself…

Also in my space today…

Some new Kawaii goodness from Karaku.  I have bought from Karaku many times and I can’t recommend them highly enough, their customer service is fantastic, they has a great range, and shipping is so fast (I ordered these on Saturday and they arrived from Japan this morning).


notice my little blue owl in the corner… My Oliver Owl pattern is featured in Patchwork and STitching magazine which I think goes on sale tomorrow.  I am SO Excited…

To see some more productive  creative spaces… head over to Kirsty’s



9 thoughts on “My creative space

  1. Congratulations on being published! The owl looks so sweet on the cover, just waiting for people to make him! Of course your little bunnies and fabric are gorgeous too. A great creative space. 🙂

  2. Those bunnies are so sweet – I love that bunny fabric their bodies are made from. And Oliver – what can I say – wow and double wow! Congratulations 🙂

  3. I’m visiting the kootoyoo creative spaces and your photos are so happy inducing…love all the colors and cute stuff! Congrats on your owl pattern feature as well!

  4. What gorgeous bunnies and a fab blog! Love the rabbit fabric and the typo/piggy print, thanks for the Karaku link I’m off to check them out. : )

  5. I can’t thank you enough for your owl pattern. It came at just the right time. My two year old suddenly decided to be afraid of the dark and loves the ‘Meg and Mog’ stories so I told him that Owl loves the dark, in fact all owls do. So I told him I would make him an owl for his bed (before I had found a pattern!!!). Then I saw your pattern on the front of the magazine and it was sooooo easy to make. Done in an afternoon, although I did modify the stitching. Owl – as he is known – has been taken to bed every night since and my son is no longer too scared to go to bed without lights blazing. This has become a favourite pattern and I will be making more for friends. Will be looking at your other patterns too as owl was SO easy to make. Thanks again.

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