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A replacement for Cowie

IMG_8679.jpg, originally uploaded by The two windmills.

Remember Cowie… my small bovine-faced rattle. I loved making him but like many things, when you do it too much you get bored and dare I say resentful. It wasn’t his fault, he was very cute, but all those little pieces, did become tedious.

Anyhow I recently designed this small elephant rattle which I am really happy with, Alex the Elephant. He has a loud rattle inserted and his floppy ears and body are backed with soft corduroy for little fingers to fondle.

What do you think?



5 thoughts on “A replacement for Cowie

  1. Well Rach, my heart totally belongs to Cowie! Of course I agree that Alex is quite a cutie… and yes, I imagine he takes a little less work to put together. But oh, Cowie, how I love you!

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