my creative space · softies

My creative space

In my creative space today(in no specific order)….

the beginnings of a cold I think…

a packet of mint slice biscuits lefts over from last nights Inner West craft room

arms and legs

a new idea

2 toddlers (one of which keeps kicking me off my desk chair)

10 kg of stuffing

sketches of robots

empty bunny and space cadet bodies (to see some full ones check out my shop)

Whats in your creative space today?

To see some others visit Kirsty



17 thoughts on “My creative space

  1. I would’ve liked to have been at Craft Room last night but Wednesdays are tricky for me – hope you had fun.

    I’ve just seen your lovely softie in the Madeit Easter feature email. Congratulations. Looks fabulous….

  2. What a delightfully colourful and slightly ghoulish pic of those dismembered arms and legs with their stuffing coming out. I hope it’s just a sniffle on your list and you get some peace in your desk chair soon LOL.

  3. I absolutely agree with loving your arms and legs collection – they look fabulous πŸ™‚ You have so many fabulous ideas going on there – but I hope the cold doesn’t get a hold on you. K

  4. so much going on ~ keep the good stuff though and get rid of the cold though! here’s hoping it doesn’t develop ~ have a cup of tea and some more mint slice

  5. Loving your limbs, Rachel! I have no idea how you manage to keep 10kg of stuffing and two toddlers together in the same space… but kudos to you!

    Thanks SOOO so much for your email re: toilet training too. Meant to reply (but may as well say something here while I think of it, my brain is a sieve as usual). I felt heaps better after reading what you had to say, and think I will stick to my guns in not pushing the issue for a while…

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