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Things I’m saying a lot at the moment

“the bike stays outside”

“can you let go of your willy”

“I’m so proud of you” (We’ve just gone through toilet training)

“thanks for helping Mummy but I can get the stuffing out of the bag myself”

Are there things that you find yourself repeating ad nauseum with your kids at the moment…



10 thoughts on “Things I’m saying a lot at the moment

  1. Ohhh, funny. I’m afraid there is far too much ‘no, don’t do xyz’, ‘STOP IT’ and so forth coming out of my mouth right now. I’m sure there are other things less horrible but that’s all I can remember. Sigh.

    Is there hope for toilet training my 3yo before he is, say, 10? Please say there is! I need hope.

  2. My mom keeps on saying ” Congratulations” for 4 times already while talking to her on the phone earlier. Even my sister keeps on saying that. What a day! But i’m glad coz I’m going to have a baby soon 🙂

  3. Ah yes, I guess all moms recognize this 🙂 I say, too many times:
    “Be careful!”(Not that that makes any difference, they keep throwing themselves from high places, screaming with joy)
    “Could you yell just a little bit softer?” (no difference either. Well, for a second maybe. But then the volume goes up again)
    “Don’t smother your baby brother, even cuddles can make him flat” (although it is kind of sweet that they love him that much)
    “Noooo, I have nooo idea where you are hiding this time.” (playing hide and seek is favorite now. And especially our little girl likes to hide thousands of times a day, in the same spot every time.)

    By the way, Gina, to reassure you: Both of my two eldest have waited to be potty trained until a couple of months before their fourth birthday. But when they did, they suddenly seemed to get it and were done in a jiffy. (Is that a word, jiffy? It sounds right, but wrong at the same time :))

    1. I love “even cuddles can make him flat” so sweet. Cadel’s tt was also done in a jiffy once he decided he was ready.

  4. “That’s enough!” “Be nice to your brother, please” and “Stop! STOP STOP IT!” rate pretty highly on my list at the moment!

  5. I think my most used phrase would be “Oh no Eva, what have you done???” After I have caught her pouring milk everywhere, squeezing toothpaste all over the bathroom, smearing food across the carpet, peeling all of Lucia’s homework pages out of her book etc!!

  6. Such a great post – I’m saying almost exactly the same things, along with “don’t put too much in your mouth at once” and “do you need to go to the toilet before we go”!!

  7. Haha, glad the toilet training went well! Ali still says “I’m so proud of you” to himself every time he uses the loo.

    On high rotation around here:
    “No, we don’t eat play dough”
    “Momo only likes soft pats”
    “No, we only draw/paint/stamp/glue on PAPER not on the table/desk/mousemat/phone/wall/door/hands/face”.
    “Eek! Water in the bath/sink! Not on the floor!”

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