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Do you use a thimble?

This a selection of thimbles I own.  Generally I don’t wear a thimble when I’m handsewing.  In the past I’ve found  that if I use super sharp Clover sewing needles I don’t have too many sewing mishaps.  Lately though I have been so clumsy and seem incapable of hand sewing without injuring myself.  In fact at the moment some of my fingertips probably wouldn’t give an accurate fingerprint.  Which makes me wonder do other sewers use a thimble?



7 thoughts on “Do you use a thimble?

  1. Nope, me neither. I’m not used to using them, so it feels weird and clumsy when I try. But i can imagine that, when you are used to them, they could make your fingers very happy 🙂 (And it could prevent blood on your garments, a problem I have had one time. Not funny, especially since it was on silk :S)

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